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FIRM Podcast is a community of support for fathers across the globe. Founded in 2017 by Nick Clark and Charles Peterson, FIRM Podcast brings fathers together through conversations that inspire, restore, and motivate them to become better leaders in their families and communities.

The Challenge:  

When Nick and Charles approached P&P Creative Studio, they had a very clear vision for their brand and website. However, they lacked the time and resources to bring their vision to life. Moreover, as a new company in a highly competitive industry, FIRM Podcast needed to make a big splash and establish itself as a thought leader from day one.

The Solution:  

P&P Creative Studio collaborated with FIRM Podcast to create a website that would reflect the company’s values and attract their target audience. Our team wrote copy that was both informative and engaging, and designed a layout that was clean and easy to navigate. In addition, we added an e-commerce component to the site so that FIRM Podcast could sell merchandise and generate revenue.

The Result:  

Thanks to the new website, FIRM Podcast has been able to solidify its place as a leader in the digital fatherhood space. The site has also generated buzz and Media attention for the company, helping them to attract new listeners and grow their audience.

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