Momma Blue's Village

Full Brand Development for Educational Tutoring Company

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Momma Blue's Village offers blended learning education services that include: tutoring, homeschool coaching and planning strategies, as well as, education enrichment for families both in the local Washington,  D.C. area and online.

The Challenge:  

Momma Blue's Village came to P&P Creative Studio with the goal of improving their overall brand identity. They wanted an updated logo that would better reflect their company's mission and values. Additionally, they needed a website design that would be more user-friendly and engaging for potential customers.

The Solution:

P&P Creative Studio designed a new logo for Momma Blue's Village that includes several variations to be used in various print and digital applications. We also crafted a new website design that is clean, modern, and easy to navigate. The website includes calls-to-action, clear messaging, and an overall user-friendly design.

The Result:  

Since working with P&P Creative Studio, Momma Blue's Village has seen an increase in brand awareness and customer engagement. Their updated logo and website have helped them to attract new customers and grow their business. Thanks to P&P Creative Studio, Momma Blue's Village is on track to reach their goals and continue providing quality education services to families.

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