Professional Logo Design

We'll get to know what makes your business unique, then create a brand that's in line with your mission and values.

What We Offer

 Our logo package includes your primary logo and then a set of variations that compliment it.  Unified logo variations make your brand look more professional and help it stand out from the competition. From the moment you start a business, you should think about all the different mediums and situations you'll need to use your logo, both now and as your business grows.

Brand Recognition

We'll design a unique logo that will stick in a customer's mind and set your brand apart from competitors.

Brand Versatility

Obtain a consistent appearance and tone for all aspects of your business, including offline, online, and media platforms.

Brand Cohesion

Receive a logo that is widely adaptable that can be used in many different contexts and formats, from print to digital.
Your primary logo is the main logo that represents your brand. It's what everyone sees when they see your brand, and it's what comes to mind when people think of your business.
Website mockup for Max Therapy on an Apple iMac
A secondary logo is a logo that is used to go along with the primary company logo for specific purposes. It combines the features of the primary logo in a different arrangement. This gives you more design options for using your logo.
Business card mockup for Max Therapy secondary logo
Sub-mark is typically a small circular version of the company logo. It is useful when you need something to show on a smaller scale (like social media profiles) and if you need to show your brand quickly.
Sub-mark mockup for Max Therapy on an Apple iphone
When someone visits your website, one of the first things they see is the favicon. There's something subconscious about seeing an image on every page before any content. A website with no favicon is like a house with no door; incomplete and uninviting.
Website mockup for Max Therapy on an Apple iMac