Nate Bradley

COO/Marketing Strategist

Nate Bradley is the co-founder of P&P Creative Studio. A former Air Force sergeant, Nate is an effective leader.  His 11 years in the Air Force taught him how to be organized and efficient, two qualities that are essential in running a successful business. Nate is also a voracious reader and loves data analytics. As the chief operations officer, he is responsible for making sure that P&P Creative Studio runs like a well-oiled machine.

Nate has been married to Shatoyia, his high school sweetheart,  for 20 years. They have six children together: five boys and one girl. He is currently pursuing his 3rd degree, a Master's degree in Digital Marketing and Data Analytics from Emerson College.

As a marketing strategist,  Nate has helped businesses of all sizes reach their goals. He is passionate about helping businesses grow and loves seeing the impact that P&P Creative Studio has on its clients.

He's a culinary enthusiast and enjoys trying new foods from all over the world. Nate is also a self-proclaimed "science nerd" and loves learning about new discoveries in the field.

Whether it's helping a business reach its goals or spending time with his family, Nate Bradley is always striving to make a positive impact.